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If You Are Traveling From A Distance
Just To Visit Our Shop,


It Is Always A Good Idea To Call First! 


We Will Close Occasionally For…
*Mineral Processing, *Inventory, *Re-stocking And *Cleaning


 Business Phone: (603) 641-1323


GPS… 143 Londonderry Turnpike
      Hooksett, NH 03106

 ( Also Known As By-pass 28 )


Metaphysically…cell phones and other electronics
have been found to have a “Negative Effect” on crystals and minerals.
We strive to maintain a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere in our shop.
As much as cell phones have become a necessity in our personal lives,
we want your visit and shopping experience to be as relaxing and
memorable as possible, without interruption.
 This is why we have “A No Cell Phone Use Policy”

We thank you in advance for respecting our polices!


We love children, we have one of our own. That being said…
we “highly encourage” you not to bring 2 yr. old’s, 3 yr. old’s & 4 yr. old’s in with you.
If you do, children under 4 must be hand carried or in a stroller!
Children 4 yrs. old, 5 yrs. old and above must be heavily supervised!
When you walk through the door for the fist time you’ll understand why!
The reason being… we have many, expensive, fragile and sharp crystals
& cathedrals around the perimeter of the shop at a child’s height.
Once again, We thank you in advance for respecting our polices!